What is Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid®?

  • Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid saves money, time and labor. This patented formula may be applied to your salt. Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid can be sprayed onto regular rock salt or salt/sand mixtures, transforming it into Magic Salt, a highly effective ice melting product. By applying Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid directly onto paved surfaces prior to a storm event, ice and snow will not bond, black ice is eliminated, will not rust vehicles, and slip and falls are reduced.

  • Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid is a highly effective liquid de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar based) and is protected under U.S. Patent #4,676,918. No other liquid ice melter can make this claim.

  • Ice B'Gone Magic Liquid is not-toxic, bio-degradable and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.

For a Ice B'Gone® Material Safety Data Sheet please click here
For a Ice B'Gone® treated salt Material Safety Data Sheet please click here

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