Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do we sell high performance deicers?
    To reduce your snow removal cost for deicing material and to lower chlorides released into the environment.
  2. Will IBG Magic stain floors, concrete and clothes?
    No, IBG Magic is water soluble so it cleans up with just water no special cleaners needed. A wet cloth on carpet or mop for tile will remove any product tracked into building. Very easy to clean compared to most deicers.
  3. How does IBG Magic save me money?
    Usage is about half or less than that of commonly used deicers resulting in less money spent and better results. IBG Magic is safer for metal surfaces, concrete and vegetation resulting in lower facility maintenance cost.
  4. Can IBG Magic help with slip and fall accidents?
    Yes, with the low melting temperature and residual effect it fights against refreeze and black ice. This helps to provide a safer all around environment.
  5. I’m a residential customer, where can I purchase IBG Magic?
    You can purchase IBG Magic at local retailers such as Connolly’s Hardware – All Fort Wayne locations, Ag Plus, New Haven, Juergens Do it Center, Huntington, Ossian Hardware, Ossian and McCord’s Do it Best, Logansport.
  6. How can liquids help improve my snow removal?
    Liquids act as a barrier to keep snow from bonding to pavement surface. Once surface is treated it allows for snow to be scraped down to clean pavement and then lowers amount of salt used after plowing.
  7. Will IBG Magic hurt people or pets?
    IBG Magic is safer for people and pets. IBG Magic carries theĀ EPA Design for the Environment Seal.
  8. Does IBG Magic clump like other salts?
    IBG Magic will not clump or cake if stored properly.
  9. Is your bulk salt high quality and from the USA?
    Yes, our salt is a high grade rock salt and produced in USA.
  10. Can liquids be used for deicing?
    Yes, our liquid SledgeHammerTM is made to be used for both anti and deicing applications.

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