Welcome to ES Deicing, Inc. “Home of the Ice B’Gone Magic products in the Midwest.” 

ES Deicing provides some of the highest quality deicing products available in the US. Whether you are looking for Bulk Treated Rock Salt, Bulk Untreated Rock Salt, Enhanced Liquid Deicer, Salt Brine, Bagged Ice Melt or Environmentally safer products, we can provide you with the products that will work best for your site.

With over 30 years of past snow removal experience, we started ES Deicing to combine the best products available with the customer service to match.  We understand the challenges and the headaches that come with snow removal.  We are not just here to sell product; we are also here to help educate and train our customers.

We work with City and County Street Departments, Snow Removal Contractors, Property Management Companies, Schools, Universities and Hospitals to provide superior products to make their snow removal operations successful.

ES Deicing, Inc. proudly serves all locations in the United States where there is snow and ice. We are the top supplier of bulk treated salt, bulk salt and deicing liquids to all locations in the United States including Lafayette Indiana, Northeast Indiana, Central Indiana and Northwest Ohio including the counties of Adams, Allen, Huntington, Wells and Whitley.  Some of the communities ES Deicing serves include Fort Wayne, Indiana, Decatur, Indiana, Columbia City, Indiana, Huntington, Indiana and Defiance, Ohio. 

ES Deicing is ready to help keep your roads, streets and parking lots safer this winter with Ice B’Gone — the most effective and environmentally friendly deicing product found anywhere.