Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate the anti-icing and de-icing effects and differences between using our bulk Ice B’Gone our Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid and our SledgeHammer® Liquid products verses the use of regular rock salt. Each product saves you time, money and labor costs, see why Ice B’Gone/Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid and SledgeHammer® are the most efficient snow management products on the market.

Case Study #1

A Bulk Salt/Beat Sand mix was applied with no melting (top image) and the Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt is working it is melted (bottom image).

Case Study #2

Street to the left was pre-sprayed with our SledgeHammer®. The street on the right was only treated with regular rock salt. As you can see the street to the left the pre-treatment of SledgeHammer® has keep the ice from bonding to the pavement giving the street Department time to get out and start salting.

Case Study #3

Case Study #4

Case Study #5

Longe Optical & Wendy’s parking lots. Contractor uses Ice B’Gone at this strip mall. You can see the Wendy’s parking lot next door still has snow and ice on the parking lot surface. Wendy’s uses regular rock salt which only works at temperatures at or above 18° F. You can also see water standing in the mall parking lot at a temperature of 7° F. There is no ice or slush.

Case Study #6

The sand needs to be cleaned up in the roadway. Sand needs to be removed from damaged grass areas, which border the curb line. Grass damage needs to be repaired. Notice sand as it is washed into the storm drain. The storm drain will need to be vacuumed out in time as the sand and debris will clog the drain. Notice additional grass damage from sand/salt use.
The grass area along the parking lot curb is undamaged because this contractor used Ice B’Gone and did not have the grass kill that the sand/salt has.

Case Study #7

You can see a residual layer on this residential sidewalk under a 5″ snow fall, creating a barrier between the concrete and snow. This allows for easy removal of snow.

Case Study #8

Contractor uses Ice B’Gone and did not have to spread any material for De-Icing. The contractor had spread Ice B’Gone four days prior to a storm. The residual Magic Salt, now on the pavement, reacted with the “dusting of snow”, which melted on contact. The end result — the contractor did his job by providing a safe environment. The possibility of a slip and fall was greatly reduced and the contractor did not even show up. The contractor saved labor, time, and material, and has no sand to clean up in the spring.