Bag Materials

Winter Melt®

Effective to 5° F

Contains large and small Sodium Chloride crystals for greater melting speed and longevity. Does not leave oily residue.

50# bags – 49/pallet


Effective to -5° F

Is Green-Tinted for easy-to-see coverage. Contains calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

50# bags – 49/pallet

Jiffy Melt®

Effective to -10° F

Is a specially formulated blend of Magnesium and Sodium Chlorides.

40# bags – 63/pallet


Effective to -13° F

Is a high performance Ice Melt made of pure and natural Magnesium Chloride.

50# bags – 48/pallet

Ice B’Gone Magic®

Effective to -22° F

Is a High Performance Ice Melt – IBG Magic is rock salt treated with IBG Magic Liquid and screened for consistently sized particles.  Safer for Plant, Pets and People.

50# bags – 49/pallet