Bulk Materials

U.S. Mined Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt

(Effective to -35°)

High-performance Ice Melt – IBG Magic is rock salt treated with IBG Magic Liquid and screened for consistently sized particles. Safer for plants, pets and people.

Features & Benefits of Ice B’Gone Magic Treated Salt:

  • Outperforms all conventional ice melt product in working temperature as well as duration of the performance of the product
  • IBG Magic is safer for people, plants, pets and the planet!
  • Performs in temps as low as -35 degrees
  • 85% less corrosive than rock salt
  • Allows you to reduce application rate by at least 40-60% and your re-application by an additional 40-60%…resulting in dramatic overall reduction.
  • No messy white salt residue when applied correctly.
  • Reduced custodial cares, non-staining, water soluble, biodegradable.
  • Safest product to use on quality concrete, asphalt, brick paver’s walkways, and roadways
  • Extremely low Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) value
  • Eliminates dust that created by salt and salt sand use eliminating respiratory distress and air filter changes
  • Virtually eliminates black ice and hard-packed snow and ice from forming

U.S. Mined Untreated Rock Salt

(Effective to 15° F)

Cargill High Quality White Rock Salt

Usage Comparison Chart: Untreated Rock Salt vs. Ice B’Gone Magic
Untreated Rock SaltIce B’Gone Magic
2-3 tons 1 ton
4,000-6,000 lbs2,0000 lbs
*1 ton = 2,000 lbs