ES Deicing Products

High Quality
White Rock Salt
(Effective to 15°F)
Ice B'Gone Magic®
(Effective to -35°F)
Ice B'Gone Magic® Liquid Deicer
(Effective to -35°F)
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SledgeHammer® Liquid Deicer
(Effective to -14°F)

Straight Salt Brine
Winter Melt® (Effective to 5°F)

Contains large and small Sodium Chloride crystals for greater melting speed and longevity. Does not leave oily residue.

50# bags - 49/pallet
Green Melt® (Effective to -5°F)

Green–tinted for easy-to-see coverage. Contains Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride.

50# bags - 49/pallet
Jiffy Melt® (Effective to -10°F)

Specially formulated blend of Magnesium and Sodium Chlorides.

40# bags - 63/pallet
Ice B'Gone Magic®
(Effective to -22°)

High-performance Ice Melt - IBG Magic is rock salt treated with IBG Magic Liquid and screened for consistently sized particles. Safer for plants, pets and people.

50# bags - 49/pallet

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