What is SledgeHammer®?

  • SledgeHammer® is a liquid deicer made up of 80% Brine and 20% DCS. Use as a deicer or for anti-icing. Sledge-Hammer® can also be used as a pre-wetting agent.ES Deicing, Inc. will train your team on how to use liquids correctly. We will teach them on when and how they should be used. We will show you that using liquids can and will increase your profits, reduce slip and falls and save you time.

  • SledgeHammer® works effectively to –14°F.

  • SledgeHammer® has a Freeze Point of -24°F.

  • SledgeHammer® anti-icing application rates: 25 - 45 gallons per lane mile or 1.45 acres.

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